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Feather JuJu Hat


The traditional Bamileke Feather Headdress, that symbolizes prosperity and wealth, is lovingly made in Cameroon by skilled artisans. Created by large feathers sewn into a raffia base, each JuJu hat is handmade, and therefore no two will be alike.

While we style our homes with these beautiful pieces, we haven't forgotten the symbolism and meaning which they hold for the Bamileke tribe, and the time and skill it takes to make these pieces. We are moved to learn about the positive impact that this design trend has had on creating jobs and wealth throughout the community in Cameroon.

  • Feather colour ranges from natural white to natural cream 
  • We've intentionally chosen our supplier due to their high standards of fair trade
  • Sizing: Small ~18"-21", Large ~28" -31" 

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